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This is a perfect way to send a gift contactless! Special occasions or just because. I try to create amazing memories for you and your family or close friends! A lot of a variety for Egift cards are available!

It's a step-by-step process that you can send by email on that date or a specific date. All Egift cards expire a year after the date you purchase it. For example, if you bought the Egift card on May 1, 2020 it will expire on May 1, 2021. You can also book your boat tour online a year in advance as well!

Click here to purchase an Egift card contactless for a loved one or yourself!


Unfortunately, two good friends of mine had a house fire on April 17th. They have a 6 month old baby girl. They are safe, but their family pets did not make it.

If you have any items you want to donate to them, clothing: toys, the basic needs, shoot me an email & I will personally deliver it to them.
When you buy and send an Egift card part of the purchase will go directly to Lauren, Nick, & their daughter. They both work at Pop's Sunset Bar & Grill so your Egift card purchase can go toward a tikibar hop and we can dock up there to also support & help them!

Use code: Spring2024 for 10% off the Egift card!

Hurricane Ian Relief

As many of you have heard, Hurricane Ian hit SWFL area as a Cat 4 almost Cat 5 hurricane on September 28, 2022. Englewood, North Port, Matlacha, Pine Island, Cape Coral, Sanibel, Ft Myers, & Ft Myers Beach was impacted the most in this area. Four friends and I have gone down to Matlacha & Pine Island via boat on October 1, 2002 The devastation we have seen and tried to help was just an eye opener that Sarasota & Siesta Key where Shellebrate resides have gotten extremely lucky & dodged a bullet. We went down to give some supplies and escort people via boat, but unfortunately it was just a mess and not very organized with what we were assigned to do.

I have friends that have lost everything: homes, cars, boats, family, friends, etc!

Shellebrate is offering to help, donate, & could use your help! To make it easier for everyone, if you purchase an Egift card for Shellebrate Boat Tours for any type of boat tour and/or souvenir gift, I will be donating that money to my personal friends in need & also Red Cross for all of the supplies & volunteers helping with this effort. The Egift cards work for boat tours & souvenir gifts as well for Shellebrate Boat Tours.

Click Here to purchase an Egift Card & donate to help the victims of Hurricane Ian!

These photos are homes on Matlacha, FL. October 1, 2022.

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