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Pictures taken by Captain Rachael.

Rachael Lynn Rita Russo Photography (RLRRP)

RIP Maggie, my co-captain and first mate. 8.21.2008-4.1.2021

She was my old salty dog cheesin' hard onboard Shellebrate! 

Small wedding tours are available onboard Shellebrate! 

Tie the knot with a local ordained minister while I take photos or I can also officiate. 

I have more small business networking acquaintances in the area for live music, private bartending, catering, & casual dress shopping!

Let's SHELLEBRATE a special occasion! Book in advance and I'll team up with other captains for more friends or family to come join the fun!

Venice Christmas Boat Parade 2019- 12/07/19

4th of July fireworks 2019 anchored at Marina Jack's

some photos sent in by the customers :)

Poker run hosted by Marina Jacks 6/30/19

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